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Media Work:


Best Of North Hills In 2015

On Today.Com:

How a dog from a backyard breeder with neurological issues went from biting everyone to almost being euthanized to a cuddly, sweet soul.


Lead your dog with love. Dog leashes and more. RuffGrip stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of all Ruffgrip products.

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Pit Bull

Podcast Interview:

An interview with podcast host, Howie Walsh, where we talk about dogs, animal behavior, training, and Howie's hair.



How I stepped into the world of dog fighting at the age of 16. Plus training information for your PitBull, Bully mix dogs, and all other breeds.

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A Book In The Works:

The book will be an autobiographical, training manual for The American Pit Bull Terrier & all other breeds. 

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