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My Story

Welcome to: JRB Horsemanship & Dog Obedience Training.

Long story short: I'm a Natural Animal Behaviorist who respects animals for what they are and how they instinctively learn. I grew up in the 70s and was a horseman long before I became a dog trainer / Natural Animal Behaviorist. In 2008 I started Bully.dogs (Pit Bull Obedience Training). My family (uncles) competed in rodeos, where my brothers and I spent all of our free time on horseback, and where I first learned horse behavior. As a kid, I was always told by family that I was a natural horseman because my grandfather (whom I'm named after) was one. It makes perfect sense that I would naturally follow in his footsteps working with animals.


In 1982, At the ripe old age of sixteen. I was caught Dogfighting...  Mandated to go through therapy and work with animals. My parents sent me off to live and work on a family friend's horse ranch. Too young at the time to understand that what I was doing was wrong. I will forever be regretful for what I've done in the past...


Those turn of events changed the course of my life and my admiration for all animals grew, especially for the breed they call "Pit Bull". I set out to learn all there was to know about the breed and as they say, the rest is history. I've worked and trained the Pit Bull breed and its counterparts (Crossed dogs Bully.dogs) with much success.



The American Pit Bull Terrier is an actual breed and anyone who says differently doesn't know what they're working with... Bully mixed dogs are not Game dogs or "Pit Bulls" as people like to call them. They're a product of bottleneck breeding from The American Pit Bull Terrier. (See The Pit Bull page)


I'm a self-educated animal behaviorist with over three decades of real-world, hands-on experience. I've worked with adoption centers, rescue organizations, and shelters. I've also volunteered services to the LAACF (Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation) helping educate the San Fernando Valley community on dog ownership. The counterintuitive behavior modification that I use today stems from all my past trials and errors of working with animals; experiences that could not have been learned in a classroom or from books. Learning animal behavior for me will always be ongoing to better help animals with human problems...


Top pic: My brothers and me (center) 1967.

"Good judgment is the result of experience, and experience the result of bad judgment."

-Mark Twain


I adopted my dog Niko from a shelter when he was about 3 years old. As an adult dog, he already had dog dominant issues. I began his behavior modification program the day he entered my home. By creating a structured environment and slowly relieving him of his responsibilities of having to be dominant over other dogs, he is now a well adjusted, balanced dog.


"Equus; A silent language of communicating with horses.

 This language is really quite simple, but simplicity becomes its greatest strength"


Horse Whisperer

  Monty Roberts  

Winter was one of my toughest clients. I don't know exactly what happened in her early years, but the experience made her a very nervous and unpredictable horse. She was not open to human touch and would become agitated quickly and react with aggression. By slowly winning her trust, I was able to make great strides with her. Winter is now owned by a little girl and her family.



"A couple of years ago I was living with my boyfriend and his 7 yr old Boxer. We adopted a 6 month Blue Nose Pitbull. The boxer had some aggressive behavior issues and one day a fight arose over a treat. I did not want my Pitbull to develop bad behaviors. If the dogs could not get along I would not be able to keep my Pit Bull. The last resort was to hire a dog trainer. I found a Bully Breed card at a local pet store. Like it was meant to be. Booker came to us and not only did he want to help my Bully. He wanted to help the Boxer. He is affordable and accommodating! We saw immediate results and he educated us. I highly recommend Booker. Professional and passionate in what he does. I will utilize his services as long as I am a pet owner."


Angie L.


Canoga Park, CA


James P.


Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Booker about a year ago when the destructive behavior of my big Rottie got to be too much. He was great. Friendly but serious, he obviously knew what he was doing. He got me to see my mistakes as well as educate me towards new behavior that helped my dog and myself mesh better. Since he trained us, my big girl has stayed well trained, and even with an occasional slip-up, she's the love of my life. Money well spent.

I rescued a little pit bull that is super sweet, but became overly bonded to me. I had issues with her protecting me as well as some separation anxiety where she started chewing inappropriate things (like my coffee table) Booker has been a huge help to me. He not only tells you how to fix issues, he explains why the dog is doing what it does. To me, understanding the big picture makes all the difference. I've learned to think like my dog is thinking, not just learning how to correct something in terms of discipline. This training and insight had been invaluable to me. It is also very reasonably priced. Booker is always accessible for questions and support, so you totally get your money's worth.


Laura R.


Madison, WI




- I've heard God speak more clearly through animals than through men...



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