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The Pit Bull

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth"

-Joseph Goebbels

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is an actual (Game dog) breed. It acquired its name from killing rats in a pit, bull-baiting to dogfighting in a "Pit". The Bull in the name comes from the Old English Bulldog which all bully breeds stem from.

The extinct English White Terrier and the Old English Bulldog were bred together to produce The American Pit Bull Terrier and in the early days of the breed, the name Bulldog was commonly used and still is by DogMen to describe the Pit Bull.


The American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) was bred from the APBT breed lineage to be a show dog. This docile breed was used as bait by Michael Vick at his Bad Newz dog fighting Kennels. Dog baiting was not commonly used in dogfighting by Dogmen. 

Dogfighting history shows that Dogmen didn't use a dog to boost another dog's confidence. The term "Bait Dog" is now commonly used by rescue organizations and the media. John P. Colby is one of the best-known Pit Bull breeders and one of the main reasons why there are so many crossed bully dogs in the world today. Colby was a great salesman that sold his Pit Bulls fighting bloodline but also sold mixed pit dogs (not game dogs) as pets. 


In 1889 Colby originated his strain of American Pit Bull Terriers. He brought over the top-of-the-line canines from Ireland and England, then started breeding them and his breed took off and spread over Northern parts of America.

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance"


- George Bernard Shaw

There are many books written on the American Pit Bull Terrier that are never read for answers on the breed. Richard F. Stratton in my opinion is the first and foremost authority on the breed. The assumption is that there is no such thing as a real Pit Bull breed. So the general public sides on the majority rule that the name "Pit Bull" is only a blanket term. In my book of experience, a Pit Bull is only a Pit Bull if it's been in the Pit... 

Richard F. Stratton's book The American Pit Bull Terrier was first published in 1976 and his second book The Book Of The American Pit Bull Terrier was published in 1981 due to the overgrowing popularity of the breed. Yet people will look to TV reality dog trainers for answers on the Pit Bull breed when they are not informed on what a real Pit Bull is.

Dog Myth: The Nanny dog is a myth that people like to use when talking about "Pit Bulls" or mixed Bully dogs. Most dogs back in the day were left alone with children because people were irresponsible and still are because of this myth... 


Fighting Breed Information: Some game dog breeds are Coby, Jeep, and Red boy/Jocko just to name a few true APBT bloodlines. Any other is just a description used by the AKC and UKC. The Pit Bull's bloodlines have always been closely guarded for many years by dogmen to preserve the true game dog. 

The Pit Bulls fighting history is commonly denounced on what the breed truly is, causing confusion and misleading people to believe that the APBT, AST,  and pit mix dogs (Bully's) are like all other breeds. Therefore not allowing these breeds and crossed dogs to receive adequate training. People who own a well-behaved dog (not trained) labeled as a "Pit Bull" are usually the result of a mixed breed with low APBT genetics as a result of bottleneck breeding (Genetic Diversity).

All dogs are hunters and have different levels of prey drive. A game dog is not prey-driven it's task-driven. Its job is to complete the task at hand at all costs, even its own life. The Pit Bull is animal aggressive and can not coexist with any other animals. If your "Pit Bull" hasn't been in the pit then there is no confirmation that it is a Pit Bull...  

Note: A true Pit Bull weight is 60 lbs for males and 50 lbs for females. 

All dogs were bred for a job and why training for all Pit Bull crossed dogs is a must and requires structured, disciplined training to give the dog purpose to its life. This, in turn, will help it to have better self-control of its natural dog instincts to fight and become a balanced behaved dog that thrives within society. 


"Pit Bull" like dogs surrendered to shelters deemed aggressive towards humans is usually due to poor mental health issues due to bad breeding and lack of the owner's education about the breed. When working with Pit Bulls or their counterparts, I always disclose the Pit bull's true fighting history to owners to educate them on the importance of training their special breed of dog...

Side Note: A true Pit Bull will never make it onto an animal shelter floor. It will be euthanized due to its aggressiveness towards other animals.


Civilize him as you please, make him whatever color you like, and Man will still worship the born fighter."


-John Tantor Foote

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